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Séminaire W. Koch

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lundi 01 juillet 2019 14:00 lundi 01 juillet 2019 14:00
+ Google Map Bâtiment Sciences Mirande – Dijon

Le dr. Werner Koch, du Weizmann Institute of Science d’Israël, donnera un séminaire intitulé « Quantum dynamics as an extension of classical physics in complex space and complex time »

lundi 1er juillet, à 14h dans la salle D115.

Le résumé du séminaire : 

Complex-valued semiclassical theories hold out the promise of providing insight into the physical nature of a dynamical system while treating classically allowed and classically forbidden processes on the same footing.
Based on a rigorous derivation from the Schrödinger equation, these trajectories may describe quantum systems involving tunneling, time dependent fields as well as multiple electronic states and non-adiabatic effects.
Their fundamental elegance notwithstanding, these methods have been severely hampered by the numerical and conceptual difficulties introduced by the complexification.
Recent progress in the understanding of the topology of complex space and complex time eliminates these problems allowing for stable, long time wave packet reconstruction from the complex trajectory manifolds.

Trajectory based results in agreement with quantum mechanics for applications in atomic, molecular and optical physics are presented.
Individual classical and non-classical processes can be identified and their contributions to the final results can be studied on the trajectory level.
Each trajectory provides access to probabilities and phases as well as tunneling times, allowing us to understand how the rich dynamical structure observed in tunneling and interfering wavefunctions emerges from the interaction of different classical and non-classical processes.


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